Anti Wrinkle Injections

These injections use Botulinum Toxin Type A (better known as Botox) to paralyse muscles and therefore reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They can be used for a wide range of different concerns including forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, gummy smile reduction, chemical eyebrow lifts, jaw line tightening and reducing neck lines.

Botulinum toxin can also be used to reduce sweating for clients who suffer with excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis).

Anti Wrinkle Injection Prices

One area – £150  (£160 for him)
Two areas – £210  (£220 for him)
Three areas – £245  (£265 for him)
Additional areas – £60  (£70 for him)

Other Uses

Gummy Smile – £120
Platysmal Bands (neck) – £200
Jaw Clenching – £300
NefertitiLift – £200
Chemical Eyebrow Lift – £180
Under Arm Botox – £300

Dermal Fillers

We use a wide range of dermal fillers here at City Aesthetics Chester which enables us to tailor our treatments to individual specifications. We use leading brands including Teosyal, Juvederm and Restylane.

With dermal fillers we can treat a wide range of areas such as: nasolabial folds, marionette lines, smoker’s lines, temples, tear troughs, cheeks and lips. As our bodies age we lose fat and collagen from our face, dermal fillers are a great treatment to reverse this ageing process.

We are a leading provider of lip fillers in Chester. We aim to keep our filler treatments looking natural and fresh, avoiding the ‘overdone, over filled’ look is a must!

Our experience medical practitioners are able to provide advanced filler procedures such as tear trough fillers, cheek fillers and temple fillers.

We have a wide range of product information, before and after photos available to show you during a free consultation if you are unsure and would like a little more information before going ahead with any procedure.

Dermal Fillers Price List

     0.5ml £150
     0.8ml £200
     1ml £240

Nasolabial (nose to mouth lines) from £240 
Marionette (sad smile lines) from £240 
Smokers lines from £120
Glabella & Crow’s feet £110
Temple Rejuvenation from £250
Cheek Augmentation from £285
Tear Trough Correction from £350
Jaw Clenchingfrom £300
8-Point Lift from £350
Skin Hydration Injections from £220
Non- Surgical Rhinoplasty from £350

Skin Treatments

Chemical peels (also know as skin peels) are the perfect treatment for a number of skin complaints.

We offer a wide range of chemical peels which we can tailor to your specific requirements. Chemical peels come with a range of ‘down-time’ depending on which you chose, from: 0 – 14 days.

We are a leading provider of prescription, medical grade home use skin care in Chester such as ZO Skin health, Alumier and Jan Marini at affordable prices which complement these professional products perfectly.

Please contact us to make a complimentary appointment to discuss our Anti-Wrinkle treatments.